Yo, I'm Corey.

I’m a marketer, maker, and proud pug owner. I’m slowly attempting to stair-step my way to entrepreneurship while staying sane, giving back, and living well. If you’re interested in what I’m working on, have a question, or just want to talk shop, hit that follow button on Twitter and/or send me a DM.

What I'm Working On

→ Swipe Files
A swipe file is a marketer's secret weapon. I got tired of skimming sites that seemingly curated everything under the sun. So I built a curated library of the best marketing examples with detailed teardowns of what makes them great.

→ Mental Models For Marketing
Mental models and frameworks have literally been a game-changer for me in being able to to produce my best work, level up professionally, and think about marketing as a whole. I’m working on a course that goes in-depth on how to apply mental models to marketing.

→ Refactoring Growth
So you built a product… how will you get people to actually pay for and use it? “Build it and they will come” is a myth and a dangerous lie. I’m working on a course that teaches how profitable software businesses systematically acquire and retain customers the hack-free, spam-free way.

→ Hey Marketers
After a conversation with a SaaS founder, I decided the world needed a job board just for marketers. Read about how I built it using no-code tools in only three weeks.

→ Cultivate & Keep
My good friend and I talk about what it means to be a man on our weekly podcast. We’re also creating merch, a journal, and a private community.

→ Consulting
I do some light consulting to keep afloat while I bootstrap my businesses. You can check out the coaching, audit+roadmap package, and custom projects I offer on my services page.

+ more (unveiling publicly later)

Want To Collaborate?

I’d love to work together to speak at your event, host a webinar, be a guest on your podcast, contribute to your blog, or collaborate in another meaningful way.

Here are 10 topics I could go on for days about:

  • The five factors of growth for profitable SaaS businesses
  • Why customer research is the competitive advantage no one is talking about
  • Why your pricing and activation model is your greatest untapped growth lever
  • The retention strategies you’ll wish you implemented a year ago (and can today)
  • What makes great copywriting and how to do it even if you’re not a copywriter
  • Creating a proven process for brainstorming, shipping, and optimizing growth experiments
  • How marketers can use mental models to be more strategic and do their best work
  • How I landed my dream job at age 23
  • How I built a profitable job board with no-code tools in just 3 weeks
  • What it means to be a man, understanding who you are, and leaving a legacy

Send me a DM on Twitter or email me.

Favorite Tools & Resources


  • Webflow (what I use to build all my sites)
  • Memberstack (create a membership site)
  • Jetboost (advanced search and filtering for Webflow)
  • Notion (how I manage literally everything)
  • Transistor (what I use for all my podcasts)
  • Podia (what I use for all my courses)
  • Ahrefs (my favorite SEO/research tool)
  • Fathom (privacy-focused web analytics)
  • Convertkit (email newsletter and automations)